Into the Shadow of the Rainbow 

Cycle 2002-2018

part 1: black hate infinity/escape From misanthropy (2002-2004)

Part 2: Disharmonious Suites to My Generation (2004-2008)

Part 3: Tesi di Laurea/Cauda Pavonis (2006-2011)

Part 4: Thousand Dimensional Mind (2006-2007)

Part 5: Disharmonious Suites to My Generation - Part2 (2008-2015)

Part 6: The Ballet of the Distorted Minds (2008-2012)

Part 7: Berlin/Ghosts from Italy (2012)

Part 8: Et in Arcadia Ego (2013-2014)

Part 9: White Hate Infinity/Return to Misanthropy (2014-2018)


“Into the Shadow of the Rainbow Cycle - Atto Due” is a work in progress (from 2016) 


Can you explain this strange technique of yours? This “Cerebral Techno-Painting”.

Samuel Bridi: Certainly, to begin with I used a throwaway, you know those Kodak cameras? So I wasn’t too noticeable… then I moved on to digital… I always change the faces, at least they’re not recognizable… I take photos, I spread a thick layer of glue on them and then I work on the photo with ink and pastels, building up a magmatic and dirty surface, I then scan them and re-elaborate them with Photoshop, the objective work combines with that subjective to pictorial intervention, then I print them and work on the print with acrylics, biros, felt-tips etc the I go to a printer’s and enlarge the result by the use of the plotter, then I re-elaborate and go back to the printer’s, scan again and re-elaborate the colours on the computer….print again etc. This is just a synthesis because it’s a very long and complex procedure made up of many steps.

I’ll ask the silly question. Who influenced you?

Samuel Bridi: Everything influences me but I do have artists who I prefer, Bacon above all... also, Toulouse Lautrec, there is an evident parallelism with what he did, going to dance halls, and what I do… certainly all that is expressionism but also abstract art has influenced me a lot, some of my artwork denotes abstractism… and Michelangelo’s Universal Judgment with that turbine of bodies.

Why did you concentrate your work on discos and “free party”?

Samuel Bridi: I’m interested in creating a global psychological dimension, sketch the spirit of an epoch, in these places euphoria embraces drama, it’s from this I came up with “Into the shadow of a rainbow” as a name for the cycle. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves but in the background I catch an attempt to escape, a type of suffering. I’m just collecting testimony of an important change, my work pictures the decline of Italy told by the young, they are those who have catalyzed the most anxiety, fear and uncertainty.

“Be careful when looking into the abyss or it will be the abyss looking into you.”

 F. Nietzche © 2018