Pic by Andrea Restello


Samuel Alan Bridi was born in Trento, Italy in 1982 of Italian father and Welsh mother, the second of two children.
The artist started drawing as a child and spent all his childhood drawing obsessively.
After his degree at “Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia”, he frequented a year of specialization at Bologna.

He has realized an Art cycle called “Into the Shadow of the Rainbow” (2002-2018). It is an Art cycle which has its starting point in the restlessness of youth, captured in its hedonistic practices where euphoria and drama come together in a period hostile to youth, an artist who, during the long period spent realizing the work, was wrapped up in an introspective journey which has its roots in alchemy.

Formally, his work concentrates on all possible interactions between photography, painting and computer art, during the years he has developed a peculiarity which he defines “Cerebral Techno-Painting””.

He has also been a drummer for numerous rock, metal and progressive groups, playing numerous concerts with various underground bands and recording various records, He has also a passion for writing, experimental literature, poetry and obscure tales.

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